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United States
Meh, i'm just your average gamer who is trying out multiple things. I'd like to draw better and i'm down with playing games with people. Also, College is a pain in the ass, but getting to know people is the best part about it.

FA profile:…
A note about my submissions:
Webcam: :icontec-guy:

Shhh.... by itsKuma
And sometimes i end up falling asleep on my desk, like the person above. 3@

current icon done by :iconmahsira:

Neutral quiz
Also known as "Balance", this alignment accepts the need for laws to govern the world but not at the cost of personal freedom. It rejects the concept of relying on Lawful or Chaotic powers to focus instead on personal empowerment, individuality and the inherent strength of Mankind. Although the most idealistic alignment, it is also the hardest alignment to attain because of its isolationist nature and requires the person to make enemies of both the Law and Chaos factions, destroying everything to gain everything.
Hey guys; wanted to toss out some updates for those looking out for my situation and such.

There have been some improvements since i had to take up donations and such a while back. For the most part, i'm in good standing for now and still taking commissions and donations here and there; paying for my bills haven't been an issue as of late, and my family has been helping me out as well with this, as my sister has helped pay off the rest of the car insurance for this billing cycle, so that's a nice alleviated pressure off my back for the time being.

I've mostly been doing commission work here and there and selling stuff as well (mostly stuff my brother has collected he regrets and allows me to have some of the money, or all depending on the item) that's been helping atm. As of the time of this, i've only treated myself to one commission as of late, and i had a slot with someone else that i've since given to a friend because it didn't really make any sense for me to keep it because of where i stand. As of now, most money i've been getting has been stuff i've sold or been paid for via commission, so it does feel like i'm doing work, but not quite the same as a job. I'm still getting around to drawing more often and making up time between other chores and HW.

I've now gone back to college again for this semester. I've had to drop a class as well due to a problem i didn't realize when i signed up for my three classes. Turns out, the three classes i signed up for all have a lot of work to chunk through on a weekly basis that it would've been pretty difficult to manage all of it (and my own digital work for that note as well) in the time i have. Knowing myself, and the situation i have with vocational rehab, I had to make a decision about dropping a class for fear of not performing well and losing VR support, and it wasn't that easy to do. Nonetheless, this happened.

That about covers it, aside from having to go attend Jury Duty in 13 days. I'll be paid for it, but i am not looking forward to actually going to the courthouse.
Heyo! Would've popped on sooner, but after Christmas i got sick for a few days XD; (well, to at least write something). I'm mostly feeling better today with a minor cough and all, so here are some updates from me.

First, i hope everyone has a good Christmas and planning some fun today for the New Year :D
I have a few goals in mind for this upcoming 2018, and i hope to follow through on them. First, i want to draw more. It's occurred to me i don't draw as often as i should, so i have to fix that so i may improve as an artist and give better content. I'll update my TOS when i can to reflect what it is i hope to accomplish. I've gone back to college recently, so the classes i'm taking ought to help out as well.
Second, I need to lose weight. I've become unhealthy lately with bad eating habits and lack of exercise, which is worrying my family as is. It didn't help that while i've been out of work, i sometimes stress eat, which doesn't help things. It's a bad habit i've formed and i've been impulsive on how i go and eat certain foods over others for sake of convenience or because i'm feeling down. That has to be fixed.
Third, I need to get a job as soon as possible. It's been tough the last few weeks since most holiday positions have filled, and are likely not to be open after the new year, but i'm still going to try anyways, and it helps i've gotten a new lesson on resumes so i can polish that up to present to employers. With this knowledge in mind, here's hoping i find something soon.

Of course, these are all doable, and i just have to get myself in shape, and in better gear to prepare myself, because life certainly has a way of reminding me that i have to kick my own ass back into things, else i fall behind. Have a Happy New year everyone! Also, i apologize if i've been a hermit lately; just been busy also with house things and family with the holidays being present.
Finals week are here and i've been busy with things, but i am thankful for the donations i've received thus far for this month to help me cover bills and such. I really appreciate it, and thank you ;w;
Hey all.
So, things haven't gotten much better here. Job hunting hasn't worked out that great, despite it being near the holiday season, and it's freaking me out. For the time being, i'm still open for commissions to help me out, but if you want to, You can also make a donation over at my Ko-fi to help support me. In doing so, you can ask for a waist up pic depending on how much you donate, but it's if you want a waist up to go with your donation pic. Some more info here:

Reminder about commissions and donationsHey; just posting up a reminder that i am still looking for work, and while i am, will be taking commissions and donations to keep me supported. Regardless of which is chosen, you will get an art piece from me in either scenario.
If you need commission info, do check here for them:
Do remember that because i'm in classes now, commissions might be a bit slower as i have HW to deal with each week, and that is likely going to take priority before my own art, but that doesn't mean a complete halt (unless a big project comes my way).
If you wish to help support me by donation, the link is still active and can be found here:
Donations will help keep me fed and/or pay my bills if necessary, especially once i close the patreon page in october. You can request a picture for donating if you like, and the following rules apply:
under $10. I will draw you a sketch of your character from the waist up.
$10-$15 - I'll do an ink of your character fr

Any would help, especially since i now have to pay car insurance and the phone bill. Thank you for your consideration.

Goal: $160/200 for Nov

Journal History


Game Night COLLAB
This piece was a YCH collaboration between myself and Hitaka5ever. Game night seems to be going down here in this little space, and someone's not happy with the other X3

Sketching and Shading © :iconxtofubreadx:
Inking and Coloring © :iconhitaka5ever:
Bruiser (Left) © :icon20eagle13:
Wire (Right) © Run-Nbw (FA)
Giegue in Hanger
Looks like that Giegue from before(?) is now running things somewhere. Though, his hologram must be broken...or is that another planet?

Commission for QV :)

Art © :iconxtofubreadx:
Giegue Character © Wandereroftheabyss (FA)
Inner Overwhelming thoughts
Been having these kinds of feelings and thought patterns lately, for around the past month or so.
I'm still pushing through, but i felt the need to get it out of my system and express it some how.

Art © :iconxtofubreadx:
Nighttime wyvern encounter
Gale seeming a bit suspicious of whoever is confronting him. Was fun working on this to get a better feel for proportions and certain details. Also, wyverns; them wings i need practicing (even nargacugas)

Gale and art © :iconxtofubreadx:



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